Anonymous asked:

do you believe that you can go a whole summer without talking to someone and still be on good terms with them when school starts again?

bunkersandbreeches answered:

I feel like this is the same anon but the message didn’t get through the first time haha

Again, you don’t need to be texting someone 24/7 to consider yourself close to them. In fact, I find friends/couples that do text 24/7 to fizzle out very quickly because they’re never independent and run out of ways to keep the friendship/relationship interesting (unless, of course, they prefer texting over talking in person, which some people do!! but i’m just talking in general). i mean some contact would be nice so you know that you’re still on dat friendship grindd~ but again i wouldn’t worry about it too much since it’s literally just words on a screen. if you want to you could just send that person a “hey how’s your summer been? :)” and see where that goes!! maybe that person is just waiting for you to text them because they’re shy!! I just WISH WE’D ALL STOP ASSUMING WE’RE ANNOYING BECAUSE WE ARE ACTUALLY REALLY INTERESTING PEOPLE AND WE DON’T DESERVE THAT NEGATIVE SELF-TALK WHEN WE DON’T GET THE ATTENTION OR AFFECTION WE WANT!! don’t sweat it man